Keauna Gregory, State Director

Keauna Gregory is an experienced strategist, organizer, and campaign professional. She has over 15 years experience working with progressive, non-profit organizations, specializing in electoral, advocacy, and civic engagement campaigns. She is deeply committed to issues of racial, reproductive, and economic justice and has traveled the country, helping to elect leaders who share her unapologetic commitment to these issues and the communities most impacted by them. 

Keauna has worked on dozens of local, state, and federal races across the country, championing candidates who share her vision and values for a more equitable, inclusive world. She seeks to be an agent of change and a disruptor of the status quo and believes the path to get there lies in building political power and engaging, activating, and mobilizing communities from the ground up!

Most recently, Keauna was the political director for Black Futures Lab and Black to the Future Action Fund. When she’s not getting in “good trouble” out on the campaign trail or inside the capitol, you’ll find her in College Park, GA snuggling her beloved chiweenies – Charlee and Chloee.